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  • laptopforblog

    Ask the Expert: Applying Machine Learning for Business

    Machine Learning for Your Business Machine learning is a hot topic so we’ve created a new webcast series called “Ask the Expert” with Joe Dumoulin, our Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, and Jen Snell, VP of Product Marketing. This two-part series explores the basics of machine learning and how businesses should evaluate and measure it — with a [...] Read more >

    | September 26, 2018
  • magic1

    AI is Transformative to Business, but it’s not Magic

      We are currently experiencing a boom in AI for the enterprise, and in that mad dash to ensure that your business remains competitive, it’s natural to focus on the technology itself rather than its implementation. No company has helped to deploy more AI solutions to the enterprise than Next IT, and over the last [...] Read more >

    | May 24, 2017
  • ai-strategy-thumb

    AI Strategy: Why Every Enterprise Needs One

    Domain-specific AI is being put to work for more and more of today's leading organizations. Whether it's for improving UX on a website, helping a CSR navigate internal systems or scaling human-resource related engagement, AI for enterprise is proving value and gaining momentum. Read more >

    | August 4, 2015